Free zones

The Free Zones are regulated under the Free Zone Law of 2002. Said law defines free trade zones as geographical areas to which a special regime on customs duties and customs controls, taxation, immigration, capital investment, and foreign trade applies, where domestic and foreign investors can provide services, import, store, produce, export and re-export goods. Free trade zones may be private or joint ventures involving state or private investors.

The National Council on Free Zones (NCFZ), is responsible for:

  • Receiving applications for the approval as a free zone
  • Approving applications for admission to the free zone regime and the relevant changes
  • Ensuring that the projects approved are carried out in accordance with the terms
  • Authorizing the operation of free zones
  • Defining and regulation of free zones
  • Approving and monitoring procedures and operation in free zones.

General director : M. Rode PRÉVAL
Address : Ministère du Commerce et de l’industrie (MCI)
8 Rue Légitime, Champ-de-Mars
Port-au-Prince, HT 6112
Telephone : (+509) 22 24 04 07 | 22 24 07 17
Email : Website :

Industrial parks

Haiti’s industrial parks are administered by the “Société Nationale des Parcs Industriels” also known as SONAPI. All industrial park tenants in Haiti are required to fill out a “Building lease Application Form” available at SONAPI

Haiti has two main industrial parks


The Park Industrial Metropolitan (PIM) located in Port-au-Prince, 4 kilometers from the port and less than 1 kilometer from the International Airport (PAP):

  • 66 hectares of land, entirely fenced
  • 53  buildings  varying in size between 1,700  at 3,250 M2 and two new buildings with footprints of 13,125 and 11,692 M2 respectively.
  • 16 operational businesses employing about 12,000 (June 2019).
  • 24/7 security provided by 130 guards employed by SONAPI
  • A diverse range of sectors represented including: garments, wigs, electric cables, electronic equipment and cardboard packaging materials.

Available services at PIM

  • Customs office onsite
  • Banks: BNC ; BUH ; Capital Bank ; SOFIHDES
  • Health Care: OFATMA, DASH, promoting working women Center (CPFO) AYITI AIR ANBILANS


Caracol Industrial Park (PIC), located in Northern Haiti, close to Cap Haitian is 28 kilometers from the Cap Haitian Harbor and 26 kilometers from its International airport ( CAP).

  • 252 hectares, entirely fenced (Beginning of construction: November 2011)
  • Operational since March 2012
  • 14 industrial buildings from 5,000 m2 to 11,800 m2
  • 4 dormitories for foreign staff and management
  • 5 national and international companies are operational (May 2018)
  • A diverse range of sectors represented include: clothing, paint, perfume, sisal products and building components
  • 14,000 jobs (March 2018). AVAILABLE SERVICES AT PIC
  • Transport : Fleet about 72 bus, transport over 12 000 employees / day
  • Electricity: 25 MW of which 10 MW already installed;
  • Factory production water: well water available at 2,400 m3 per day. A second reserve well is available with a similar flow rate
  • Water Storage: 3,000 m3 industrial water, 500m3 potable water.
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant :  biological treatment; Treatment capacity: 3,600m3 per day OTHER SERVICES
  • Customs Office onsite. Banks : BNC ; BUH ; Capital Bank ; SOFIHDES
  • Security : Presence 24/7 of guards employed by SONAPI
  • Health Care: OFATMA, DASH, promoting working women Center (CPFO) AYITI AIR ANBILANS

Unité Technique d’Éxecution (UTE)
General Dictor: Stephan Durand
Address: 26, rue 3, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Telephone: (509) 2813-0290 | 2941- 0290

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