Haiti offers a highly competitive incentive package for investors as outlined in the Haitian Investment Code of 2002 and in the Free Zone Law of 2002. The Center for Facilitation of Investments (CFI) will be your entry gate to the Inter Ministerial Commission for Investment, which is the Governmental body awarding these incentives.

Haitian investment code privileges

General privileges granted by the Haitian Investment code of 2002 are as follows :

  • Total exemption from income taxes for a period which should not exceed 15 years
  • Accelerated depreciation of properties, equipment, hardware, software, and some expenses
  • Exemption from local taxes, except for the License to Operate (Patente) which should not exceed 15 years

Each eligible sector is also allocated specific incentives

Applying for incentives

The Center for Facilitation of Investments (CFI) is responsible for providing information regarding the procedures for granting incentives, receiving and processing applications for incentives and transferring them to the related ministries for technical analysis of projects. CFI also tracks these requests until the Inter-ministerial Commission for Investment makes an administrative decision. The application forms for requesting incentives are available at CFI headquarters.

Eligibility conditions

  1. Have a company registered, or in the process of registration in Haiti
  2. Issue a request to CFI’s General Director along with the following:
  • Feasibility study
  • Business plan (over a five year period)
  • Form outlining the incentives applicable to the related sector (form available at CFI)
  • Detailed list of equipment, material and commodities to be imported
  • Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s authorization and copy of official publication “Le Moniteur”, in which the company’s bylaws are published
  • Copy of newspaper publication of the legal notices of registration for limited partnerships and partnerships
  • If company is a sole proprietorship: a copy of business name certificate issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  • Tax identification card
  • Fiscal Clearance (Quitus Fiscal)
  • Opening balance sheet
  • Income tax statement of the company’s board members or partners Center for facilitation of investments

Eligible sectors

  • Agriculture (link to investor pack page 12 -16)
  • Handicrafts
  • Tourism and related services
  • Export and re-export oriented investments
  • Investments made in national industry with an added value of at least 35% and intended for local consumption
  • Investments in free zones

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